1. There are some books that just make you so happy that you just have to tell your closest friends and relatives about it. And because it’s 2013, tweet and blog about it, of course :P

    I honestly haven’t had this much fun reading a 400+ book in a long time. 

    Out of all the books that I’ve picked up this summer, I have to say that this one is definitely my favorite. Yes, it is children’s fiction, but it is a marvelous work of fiction! Upon finishing it, I felt like I had discovered a treasure because I felt like it lacked absolutely nothing and had given me so much joy.

    Trenton Lee Stewart has crafted a story full of adventure and unexpected moments of clever wit/hilarity that I found myself laughing out loud several times and clutching the book with excited nervousness, anxious to discover what would happen next. He’s created characters that I consider my own friends (I’m sure you know the feeling). 

    From start to finish, Stewart does an excellent job of exceeding the reader’s expectations, and I cannot recommend TMBS enough if you want an exciting story. In every piece of fiction I’ve read, I’ve always found a spot where I was more than satisfied to stop reading because the action was dull, but with TMBS, on every page there is something interesting developing! I really couldn’t stop reading both when I first started and when I was almost finished. (I hardly read books over the school year, so that hasn’t happened to me in awhile)

    I didn’t ever finish reading all of the Harry Potter series, but I remember reading a review that said it mirrored the Harry Potter books in that it was a great story which delved into deeper themes, such as facing your fears, taking chances, and persevering for a cause greater than yourself. Not to mention it also emphasized the value of friendship. But TMBS doesn’t involve magic or any supernatural elements, which I like because I remember thinking the major conflict in the story had the potential to be real. The reader isn’t thinking about some fantasy world, but one that s/he already lives in. Stewart also doesn’t shy away from talking about some very real problems, and so the reader is equipped with quality tools on how to better live their lives, inspired by the unique strengths of the four main characters. 

    I’m glad I started reading this book without any expectations from friends who had read it, just my naked curiosity about a relatively new series that had such rave reviews on the inside cover. But I will admit I was a bit upset that I didn’t have someone to call as soon as I was done, who would understand how emotionally invested I was and who I could talk to about my favorite parts until I was ready to get back to reality :P

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a boxed collector’s set to long for…

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