1. Deep listening

    I’m glad it’s Lent because I am really forcing myself to reflect on how I want to improve myself and just grow in holiness.


    I used to have this person in my life who was at one time very important and very close to me. This person and I were so similar in that we both just loved music. We preferred sitting at home and just listening to different sounds and artists and appreciating them instead of watching TV—and for him, reading books. 

    I think that part of me, the deep-listener, left me just as that person left my life. But I think I would like to cultivate that again, to bring simplicity back into my life. 

    Sitting and listening.

  2. If you had told me last year at this time that I was going to be in the school opera, love it, and that as soon as it was over, I would have had to start studying for another one OVERSEAS, I wouldn’t have believed you. 

  3. My currently-listening-to

  4. The Nutcracker

    Tucson Ballet with the parents. Our first time to a ballet! I was disappointed that it wasn’t with full orchestra (are they ever?), but it was still a great first experience nonetheless :) 

  5. I’m pretty sure I literally have not seen this movie in over ten years. Thank goodness for free movies to check out from the library!

    Also, for the longest time, I thought she was a Disney princess, until I was embarrassed in front of my hardcore movie-watching, Disney-loving friends. Welp. 

  6. Two incredible human beings and their wonderful book. 

  7. I love Steel Magnolias.

  8. Merry Christmas, Bedford Falls!


  10. New favorite opera!

    I could not stop thinking about all the similarities it had to Rent! I also just want to tell the musical theater world that doesn’t know La Boheme is the opera that inspired Rent about how wonderful Puccini’s music is; everyone who knows Rent should also watch Boheme to deepen their appreciation!