1. Update

    I haven’t quite had the time to devote to watching an opera every week these past few weeks due to my teaching job, my new fitness regimen, and family business, so I’m cutting down to just watching Donizetti, Verdi, and Puccini operas!

    I’ve also gotten extremely excited because I just had the idea to teach the children’s chorus from Turandot to my new voice student! (Idea stolen from an excellent elementary music teacher who teaches his 4th and 5th graders children’s opera choruses)

    Hopefully I can teach her to love opera as much as I do!

  2. On the hunt for operas with children’s choruses so I can teach them to my younger voice students! :)

    Also, I would love to sing the role of Liu some day.

  4. I loooooove having a new score !

  5. It’s an Anna Netrebko + bel canto kind of week. 


  6. opera21:

    By Laura Petrarcha

    In December 1850, a few months before Verdi’s Rigoletto was set to premiere at La Fenice, Verdi received a letter from the Austrian censors. At the time, Venice was a part of the Austrian Empire, and the Austrian government censors plundered all public art…

    Since I’m gonna be in Rigoletto in the spring, I figured I’d reblog this.

  10. A singer friend of mine recently told me that she would cast me as Nannetta in Falstaff, and I was curious, so I chose to watch it! All of Verdi’s music that I’ve heard I adore, and my former voice teacher once commented that he really knows how to write for the voice. I agree, and after watching this, I think Verdi is my favorite opera composer. 

    Falstaff was Verdi’s last opera, and after an uninterrupted line of tragedies, he ended his operatic career with a well-done comedy. Verdi is well-known for his operas that deal with very deep subjects - which I’m really drawn to

    On another note, I read somewhere of this guy who gets so intensely interested in music that he’ll listen to every recording of whatever musician he likes at the moment  in chronological order. 

    I’d like to do the same with Verdi - perhaps in reverse chronological order, since Falstaff was his last opera - and then I’ll have stronger reasons as to why he’s my favorite. Oh, and I’d love to play Nannetta someday :)